Screen shot 2015-01-03 at 3.40.28 PMWe are excited to welcome Simon Borg-Olivier back in September. As a physiotherapist and a very experienced yoga teacher, Simon has the amazing ability to share yoga with all levels of students in an easy to digest way. His workshops were sold out in March, so this is another opportunity to practise with the world famous senior teacher.

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DEVELOPING YOUR INTUITION – Saturday, September 19th

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.07.53 pmWe’ve been waiting a long time to host this workshop with Carl Montgomery. Find out how to develop and use your greatest tool, your intuition, to guide you to where you can be at your greatest. Read more >>>

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Trikonasana: Learn the angles, love the Triangle

Ihana Yoga-3Everyone who’s ever been in a yoga class has probably experimented with Trikonasana, Triangle Pose, as it is one of the most common standing poses in all yoga styles. It might be because the pose is introduced early on in beginners’ yoga classes that it is often underappreciated and even viewed as a simple pose. Foundational pose – yes. Simple pose – nope. When the complexity of Triangle is understood and appreciated, it is included in yoga sequences as a fundamental gateway pose that prepares for other hip openers.

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  • Ihana Yoga

    At Ihana Yoga we are committed to providing high-quality yoga teaching based on solid anatomical understanding. At Ihana Yoga you will learn safe alignments and healthy movement patterns in physical yoga practice.

    Through the philosophy and practices of yoga we aim to inspire, motivate and empower you to live the healthy lifestyle you dream of. Our mission to raise consciousness is based on the core philosophy of yoga; Union or Oneness with all of life.


    Ihana Yoga can be found in two locations: StKilda and Hampton.

    Level 1, 82 Acland St, St Kilda

    562 Hampton Street, Hampton, VIC 3188.

    9598 9994.