Our mission

At Ihana Yoga we are committed to providing high-quality yoga teaching based on solid anatomical understanding. At Ihana Yoga you will learn safe alignments and healthy movement patterns in physical yoga practice. Through the philosophy and practices of yoga we aim to inspire, motivate and empower you to live the healthy lifestyle you dream of.

Our studio

Ihana Yoga St Kilda is located on St Kilda’s iconic Acland Street. The yoga studio is on its own separate level cocooned by sound proof windows. This creates a calming sanctuary where you can truly relax, and leave everything behind. The large separate reception area is welcoming with its many sitting areas, where you can enjoy complimentary tea before or after yoga class. Ihana Yoga has been designed by the studio owners Jenni and Ben Morrison-Jack, as an ideal sanctuary for yoga.

We offer multi level Vinyasa flow yoga in a comfortable 22-23 degrees in our purpose built yoga studio. Research has found that heat combined with exercise can cause undesirable side-effects in the body, including causing a stress or ‘flight or flight’ response. This is why we choose to keep our studio at a comfortable 22-23 degrees so that you can enjoy your Yoga practice in a safe and comfortable temperature. We use strong poses and dynamic sequences to create internal heat during the practice. This is beneficial for stretches, as you will actively warm up the muscles and joints from inside out, and help prevent common injuries related to overstretching in heat.

Our style

Our Vinyasa Flow classes are multi-level and open for all abilities. Vinyasa Flow links static poses with dynamic movements using the breath as a guide. Moving dynamically from pose to pose, you’ll create endurance and strength to support the increased flexibility and range of motion. We keep the classes flowing, as continuous movement, rather than long static holds, creates mobility. We don’t offer fast-paced ‘Power Flow’ that causes hyperventilation and a stress response in the body. Our slow movement encourages moving at the natural nasal breath pace, which teaches the physiology to calm down even during a stronger practice. Vinyasa Flow offers an element of surprise, as each session is sequenced differently.

Our philosophy

We create a ripple effect of health, peace and happiness through the practices of yoga. Because one of the cornerstones in yoga philosophy is oneness with all of life, we believe that the ‘whole’ benefits when even one person finds more joy and inspiration. Therefore, our students are never just another barcode to us. The personal key tag you receive helps us get to know you more quickly. Every time you scan yourself in for a class, we receive information about your personal health or potential injuries. This ensures we can provide you individual guidance within the group setting.

Our method

We base our yoga teaching on solid anatomical understanding, rather than on alignment cues memorized from any specific tradition. All our classes are suitable for everybody, as we appreciate that ‘one-size fits all’ approach isn’t appropriate. We can accommodate to all ages as well as levels of experience, strength and flexibility, because we offer graded variations of the poses and our teaching methods allow for modifications. We always encourage mindful movement and body awareness.

Our motto

Our motto could be ‘Dance like no one is watching’, as we want you to enjoy your yoga practice and move in ways that feel good without pushing to the limits or needing to impress anyone. When you do something that you enjoy, you are more likely to make it a part of your lifestyle, and gain the immense benefits of yoga. We hear success stories ranging from physical benefits such as increased strength, flexibility and fitness, injury prevention and weight-loss to mental and emotional benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety, increased focus, clarity and self-acceptance, and improved relationships. We witness the magic of yoga daily, and would love to invite you to create your own success story.