Why Yoga?

People start yoga for many varied reasons. A regular yoga practice makes the muscles strong and flexible, and joints mobile and stable. This in turn improves posture. By freeing up the hips and improving core strength, yoga can alleviate symptoms caused by our modern ‘chair culture’. Through regular practice the body becomes fit, toned and pain-free. Athletes and sports enthusiasts are coming to us to improve their performance and recovery, and to treat and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Yoga also offers more than physical benefits. Yoga adds mindfulness, breath awareness and concentration to physical exercise, which helps reduce stress, anxiety and focus the mind.

What should I bring?

We recommend wearing clothes that you feel comfortable moving in. What you wear shouldn’t restrict any movement, which also means no need for socks – barefoot is much better for stability and gripping the mat. You can bring your own mat or rent one from the studio for $1. We also recommend bringing a water bottle.

How do I start yoga?

No matter what your level of fitness or flexibility all you have to do is turn up to one of our casual classes; no bookings needed. We have a special introductory deal designed to help you find the best class times and teachers to suit your needs: you can practice for your first 10 consecutive days for just $25, followed by one month of unlimited yoga for $95. You can either book your introductory pass online or simply show up at the studio 10-15 minutes before class to fill out a registration form and have a chat with the teacher who will also show you around. Your pass will be valid at both St Kilda and Hampton studios.

Can I practice yoga when I’m pregnant or injured?

Yes, it is still possible to come to class whether you are pregnant or injured. Each student has a profile in our database, which we are constantly updating to ensure all of our teachers are informed about the condition of the students in class. This allows the teacher to make appropriate recommendations according to the health conditions.