You’ll get the best and quickest results from your yoga practice if you commit to a consistent routine. This could be as little as once a week as long as your practice is consistent. Our pricing rewards practicing 2+ times a week so that you can gain the results you dream of quickly.

We’ve done the math for you. See below what the best deal is for you.

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Private Health Rebate

We are very happy to share with you that the following private health funds encourage yoga as a preventative approach to health and well-being, and offer rebates for your group and private classes at Ihana Yoga:

You will need to contact your health fund to confirm your benefit entitlements and what you must do to enable a claim. The requirements and claim process may vary from one heath fund to another. Please note that it is up to you to find out the details required and make the claim to the health fund. Also, yoga is unfortunately not claimable via HICAPS.