Importance of alignment: Spine and Sacrum

Yoga is a spiritual practice and a tool for personal growth, so do we need to focus on alignment?

We have all read the promise that a regular asana practice can improve posture, muscular strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and stability: and that, through regular practice, the body becomes fit, toned, and pain-free. Asana can give us all these musculoskeletal bene ts when practiced anatomically correctly. However, if we regularly repeat anatomically incorrect alignments, we can create patterns that can lead to unexpected and unwanted results, such as injury and pain. Instead of juicy and healthy vertebral discs, misaligned asana can create dry and degenerating, or painful bulging discs. Instead of stabilising the pelvis, misalignment can create sacroiliac problems. Instead of keeping the joint surfaces healthy with ideal weight distribution, misalignment can place an enormous pressure over a small surface area and wear out the cartilage, which can result in osteoarthritis and other degenerative joint conditions.

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