Mission Beach Sanctuary


Why join the Ihana Yoga Retreats?

To empower yourself! The Ihana Yoga motto is exactly that, ‘Empower Yourself’. At Ihana Yoga we want to help you to do your best, feel your best, be your best you.

Our yoga teachings are based on solid anatomical understanding, rather than on alignment cues memorized from any specific tradition. We also appreciate that the ‘one-size fits all’ approach isn’t appropriate, which makes our retreat unique and suitable for everybody. Our studio classes already accommodate for all ages as well as levels of experience, strength and flexibility, because we offer graded variations of the poses and our teaching methods allow for modifications. During the retreat you will have two teachers on hand, with a limited number of students, to guarantee you even more attention and guidance, making your experience even more luxurious.

At Ihana we always encourage mindful movement and body awareness and create a ripple effect of health, peace and happiness through the practices of yoga. Because one of the cornerstones in yoga philosophy is oneness with all of life, we believe that the ‘whole’ benefits when even one person finds more joy and inspiration.

The previous Empowering Ihana Yoga retreats:

Mission Beach – Queensland

Bali – Ultimate Yoga Holiday

Contact us for the next retreat: info@ihanayoga.com.au

And if that’s not enough to convince you, perhaps the words of others might:

Jenni, not only are you a fountain of knowledge, but your ability to bring together a group of remarkable people, in a spectacular place, doing something we all love, is a testament to you.

… advanced understanding of anatomy and yoga yet can teach it in an easy to digest format.

I can’t thank Jenni and Ben enough for providing an amazing, holistic and nurturing retreat. My spirit and body are nourished and renewed after a week of individual focus, patience and positivity in all I did in (yoga) practice and all I heard in Jenni’s amazing teachings. These lessons and wisdom will stay with me always.

Absolutely new to (yoga), arrived at the retreat initially a bit concerned, but these fears were allayed by beautiful energy emanating from (the) resort and our teachers … After six days of twice daily practice, daily pampering and wonderful food, I head home ‘Loving what is’.

“feeling unravelled through the spine and so happy”

“feel physically and mentally balanced”

“I can implement what she teaches into any yoga style – it’s almost like doing yoga with a  physiotherapist”

“completely changed my body and my yoga practice”

“her perfect mix of practicality and spirituality is completely unique”

“authenticity and deeper sense of what yoga is”