At Ihana Yoga, we place great importance on anatomical understanding and healthy movement patterns. We want to be a part of the preventative health care system. A lot of our students come to us already with injuries and health concerns that they would like to use yoga to improve. Often they have either been recommended by a health practitioner, or even come on their own accord.

Either working therapeutically in a 1-on-1 setting or incorporating therapeutic principles into our general classes, we find our students benefit greatly from practicing yoga with us. We approach pain management and rehabilitation towards pain-free range of movement by using techniques that increase body and breath awareness. These techniques are integral principles of Yoga and offer a holistic approach to health and well-being.

As an emergency doctor I often encounter the question what to do for back or knee pain. Many of these acute injuries are in the setting of chronic under or overuse. In my opinion there is no short and simple answer. However, it might well be the time to start a lifelong journey strengthening our bodies and to live satisfied and in harmony.

Ihana Yoga offers a place for rehabilitation of acute injuries and an oasis for ongoing practice.  At Ihana you find excellent knowledge of applied anatomy embedded in different yoga flows and practices. It is a place to learn, become aware of and love your body.

Your journey to a strong and balanced back, healthy body and mind could well start here!

Marc Schnekenburger

Emergency Registrar

Jenni is an incredible teacher. Her very positive approach to yoga and life is beautiful.
Anita Purvins

Jenni, not only are you a fountain of knowledge, but your ability to bring together a group of remarkable people, in a spectacular place, doing something we all love, is a testament to you.
Dan Brown

I was introduced to Ihana Yoga by my now wife, who had enrolled in many forms of yoga & pilates in the past with mixed results.

Jenni’s practice is extremely consistent with the principles that I employ as a physio to rehabilitate patients: she encourages pain free movement & the restoration of mobility & stability in a safe, relaxing environment.

Thanks to Jenni’s sound, holistic teaching, my wife’s nagging shoulder girdle & lower back aches & pains have disappeared.

Eddie Atkin

Physiotherapist, Hawthorn Football Club 2010-2013

Perfect mix of practicality and spirituality is completely unique. The studio’s ‘authenticity and deeper sense of what yoga is‘ is highly valued.

They really get what yoga is all about.

The Best of Yoga Melbourne Guide 2014

Thank you for your workshop – I really enjoyed it. I appreciated the fact that you had written notes, so that we didn’t have to.

You have a great teaching style, very easy to understand and SO much information.

I am learning a lot from you, it is very enriching – thank you.

Jasmine Matthews

I tried one of Jenni’s classes after some encouragement from a friend and was amazed at how physically and mentally balanced I felt immediately afterwards.

As an Exercise Physiologist, I feel there is definitely a place for Yoga to treat some of my physical rehabilitation clients. Jenni is an amazing Yoga practitioner, and everything positive you would expect to find in a Yoga teacher. I am now addicted to Yoga!

Billy Graham

Exercise Physiologist

I found your Bandha workshop awesome – just like I found the Back bending workshop – I would definitely be attending all of your future workshops, please keep them coming.

As a yoga teacher I learnt so much I can readily apply to my personal practice and pass on to my student.  You have an advanced understanding of anatomy and yoga yet can teach it in an easy to digest format – not an easy task.

Debra Thomson

I can’t thank Jenni and Ben enough for providing an amazing, holistic and nurturing retreat.

My spirit and body are nourished and renewed after a week of individual focus, patience and positivity in all I did in Ashtanga practice and all I heard in Jenni’s amazing teachings.

These lessons and wisdom will stay with me always.

Sarah Leslie