Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training

Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training:

Melbourne February 2021

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Upcoming Dates:

Weekend Part-time:

19 February – 28 November 2021

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Training Details:

Ihana Yoga’s Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training is ideal for ongoing professional development and for gaining invaluable insight beyond your own training and experience. It offers a supportive environment, guidance from more senior teachers as well as the opportunity to nurture connections in a community of like-minded yogis.

The training modules are aimed at growing and improving your skills as a yoga teacher and a yoga business, as well as influencing your own yoga practice. The scope of study exceeds registered yoga teacher trainings, and can upgrade your level of Yoga Australia registration. The Post Graduate program will provide the required hours of training for a yoga teacher to progress from a 200hr qualification (such as Yoga Australia Provisional Membership) to Yoga Australia Level 1 registered teacher (350hr) status, or from a Yoga Australia Level 1 (350hr) to a Yoga Australia Level 2 – Intermediate (500hr) registered teacher status.*

We recognise that contemporary yoga teaching focuses highly on asana based classes. Even though this training covers all aspects of yoga, it will be geared towards applied anatomy and asana, so that you will feel better equipped to teach to the growing demands of asana based yoga in a safe way without losing the integrity of the traditional practice or forgetting the essence of yoga.

Ihana Yoga’s Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training is a 150h level training registered with Yoga Australia. It consists of 110h contact hours (95h lectures + 15h practicum) and 40h of non-contact hours of self-study and research.

The hours are distributed as follows:

Pelvic and joint stability in the yoga environment
Core stability and the pelvis
Orthopedic assessments and their place in yoga studio
The science of muscle stretching and flexibility
Physiology of breathing
Asana techniques (Part 1)
Asana techniques (Part 2)
The science of correcting alignment and adjusting
Art and science of sequencing
Adding resistance training / conditioning to yoga class
Yoga Sutras (part 1)
Yoga Sutras (part 2)
Energetic Anatomy
Ethics and Responsibilities of Yoga Teaching
Principles of yoga teaching
Pranayama techniques and restorative practices
Introduction to the ‘Art and science’ of meditation
Principles of teaching meditation
Practical student class facilitation
The meditation business
Yoga teaching experience: observation, class assistance, hands-on adjusting
“I wanted to do the Ihana Post Grad training because I knew it would be full of useful info that would change my teaching and yoga practice into something very anatomically sound and more effective and safe and is fueled by knowledge rather than blind tradition. This is exactly what I got! World class lecturers that really know their stuff and who are excited and passionate about what they do. This has rocked my world and brought out my inner personal yoga, not driven by what I ‘should’ do or are expected to do. It has changed my life, my teaching and my practice just as much as my first yoga training.  My first training was like finding a clump of gold and Ihana’s training has washed off the dirt and found the shine to it. It is a truly polishing experience. Do it!”

“My main intention for joining Ihana’s Post Grad YTT was to get a deeper understanding of anatomy (both physical & energetic) and meditation, and how better to apply these learning’s into my own practice as well as my teaching. What I have come away with is so much more! Every lecturer in the course has an incredible amount of knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to share. I now move differently (with more ease and fluidity), have gained more confidence, and have found that I’m starting to find more of my own style in teaching.”

“I decided to do the Ihana Yoga Post Grad Teacher Training because I knew that I loved their classes there, yet their classes were so different to those experienced at other studios. I’ve dipped my toes in a few different studios over the years and find myself always going back to Ihana Yoga, because I always feel so damn good during and after a class. I would never leave feeling depleted of energy, and I found at most other studios I would leave hot, sweaty, hungry, exhausted and needing a nap. I wanted to get a better understanding of why their classes made me feel so amazing, and the thought behind their unique sequencing and cueing techniques. I’ve seen a shift over the years in Jenni’s teachings, and wanted to understand why. I know her well, and know she has a huge amount of knowledge behind her, and I wanted a piece of that to help deepen my own practice and my teaching. The course was amazing. It was mind blowing. At first I was a little overwhelmed by everything I was learning & unsure how to put it all into practice. But during the course things started to make sense. I was able to piece it all together and get a full understanding and appreciation for Yoga in a whole new light.

The lecturers were all amazingly knowledgeable in their own unique ways, and were able to share great insight into their fields of expertise. My personal practice and teaching methods have blossomed. I feel that I am now moving through and sharing Yoga in a safer, more natural way that can help students heal not harm. The course was unforgettable. As were my fellow students. I have made many friends throughout the nine months, and have loved being a part of a community of like minded souls who share my passion for Yoga, health and happiness. I can’t recommend this course any more! Thank you Ihana Yoga for this amazing course that has changed me forever.”

Emily Sullivan

“The Ihana Yoga Post Graduate teacher training has been a truly worthwhile investment. An amazing opportunity to learn from passionate and inspired teachers, experts and game-changers in their fields, who’ve added a next level of understanding to the practice and teachings of yoga. Just as a “next level” training should be, it’s been an opportunity to re-visit and reflect on past experiences and learnings, sharing with other like-minded yogis, breaking down, deconstructing, re‐assessing, being challenged in our beliefs and understanding, and then applying to practice –even if it involved going against the grain. I definitely feel like my understanding of Yoga, personal practice, as well as what and how I teach have grown immensely because of this training. I highly recommend it for all yoga teachers.”
Sidsel Henriksen

“This course has profoundly influenced my experience of yoga. It shines a light on so many common misunderstandings and offers a whole new yoga landscape to explore. The teachers are passionate and their knowledge exceptional. If you are ready to move your yoga teaching and personal practice to the next level this course will take you there”.